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An Overview of Our Experience

Our clients benefit from the unique perspective and experience of the firm’s lawyers who have been actively involved in a broad range of key regulatory policy issues affecting the communications industry. 

The Firm has been at the forefront in representing clients on some of the most important communications policy issues in recent years:

  • FCC Merger Proceedings – We represented Sprint in the proposed AT&T – T-Mobile transaction; General Electric in the Comcast – NBC Universal transaction; Sprint in the Sprint – Clearwire transaction; Nextel in the Sprint – Nextel merger; and Comcast in the Comcast – AT&T Broadband transaction.

  • Regulation of Telecommunications Services in the Internet Age – We have advised and represented clients in various FCC proceedings concerning the provision of voice and Internet services, including proceedings to promote the deployment of broadband service, to reform the FCC’s universal service and inter-carrier compensation systems, and to implement number portability and other pro-competitive statutory provisions.  We have also participated on behalf of clients in proceedings concerning the regulatory treatment of VoIP and Internet services.

  • Spectrum and Satellite-Based Services – We have advised clients on initiatives to allocate additional spectrum for mobile broadband services, FCC spectrum auctions, E911 requirements, leasing and transferring spectrum rights, foreign ownership limitations, the use of Mobile Satellite Service spectrum for terrestrial use, and a host of other issues affecting wireless carriers and satellite operators.  We also represented Nextel in a major FCC proceeding to reconfigure the 800 MHz band to address interference issues affecting public safety communications.

Our clients benefit from the perspective and experience gained by the firm’s lawyers in government positions:

  • Firm lawyers have held senior positions at the FCC, including Chief of the Wireless Bureau, Chief of the International Bureau, Chief of the Common Carrier Bureau (which has since been renamed the Wireline Competition Bureau), and Chief of the Media Bureau’s Policy Division.

  • In these senior positions, firm lawyers oversaw the implementation of the Telecommunications Act of 1996; the first commercial wireless spectrum auctions in the United States; a ground-breaking World Trade Organization agreement to promote competition in foreign telecommunications markets; and regulatory policies governing the deployment of Digital TV.

  • Firm lawyers have also served in senior positions in the executive and legislative branches, including Senior Policy Advisor in the White House, Chief Counsel and Staff Director for the House Commerce Subcommittee, and Republican Counsel and Senior Counsel for Communications to the Senate Commerce Committee.

  • Expert Testimony – Firm lawyers have served as expert witnesses in litigation involving a variety of complex legal and technical issues related to wireline, wireless, and satellite telecommunications.

Firm Overview

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